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Intelligent Lighting


Robe MegaPointe

Portman P1 Evo

Astera AX2 1m

Prolights StudioCob Plus FC.png

Prolights Studiocob Plus FC

Prolights Smartbat .png


Robe Pointe

Portman P2 Evo

Astera AX2 0.5m.png

Astera AX2 0.5m

SGM P-5.png


Chauvet Rogue Outcast 2x Wash


Chauvet Rogue Outcast 2X Wash

Portman P3 Evo

Astera AX5.png

Astera AX5

Chauvet Ovation E-910FC IP.png

Chauvet E910-FC​ IP

Prolights Smartbat Plus.png

Prolights Smartbat

Prolights Smartbat Plus

Astera Titan Tube

Astera AX3.png

Astera AX3

ETC ColorSource Spot

Conventional Lighting
ETC Source Four.png

ETC Source Four

ETC Source Four Jr.png

ETC Source Four Jr

Selecon Acclaim.png

Selecon Acclaim

Lighting Control
MA2 onPC Command Wing.png

Grand MA2 onPC Command Wing

Swisson XND-8R5.png

Swisson XND-8 Ethernet DMX Node

Wireless Solutions

W-DMX Transceiver

Strand 6Pack.png

Strand 6Pack

6x 16/1 Dimmer

Avolites Quartz.png

Avolites Quartz

Swisson XSR5R5R.png

Swisson XSR-5R5-5R5

2:10 DMX Splitter

Wireless Solutions

W-DMX Transmitter

Zero88 Rack6.png

Zero88 Rack 6

1x Socapex Dimmer

Avolites T3 Wing

Swisson XSP-5B.png

Swisson XSP-5B

1:5 DMX Splitter

Wireless Solutions

W-DMX Receiver

Zero88 Alphapack.png

Zero88 Alphapack

3x15/1 Dimmer

Zero88 Jester 12_24.png

Zero88 Jester 12/24

Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II.png

Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II

Outdoor & Site Lighting

Festoon BC

20m & 50m

Connect Pro Fairy Lights 10m

60cm 18W IP65 LED Batten

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